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Online coaching is all about You

So you want to break from struggle and gain clarity upon a difficult personal situation? Or maybe you've had certain patterns playing out in your life but are unable to get clarity on where you going and how to get there.   When the inquirer gains clarity, the energy they've been applying to their struggle is freed up and they feel empowered to move forward in their chosen direction with confidence.  I use the Human Design system combined with Soul Plan to look out the givens and your potential for growth as a part of this process.  

Online coaching is done through Skype and is great for people who've been trying to see their own big picture and where they are are in it.  This viewpoint and the personal advice that is channelled into this process helps highlight your potential and see the options available to you.  Sometimes, all that is required is the chink of light that comes from one session before you're moving forward with confidence once more.  

If you're unsure or have questions about what to expect, assume nothing and call me to discuss without obligation. My aim is to help you in bite-sized pieces that enable you to deal only with what you're ready for at the time, returning only when you're ready.

Soul Plan readings connect you to your purpose, power of choice and what you're here for.  

Soul Plans are derived from your original birth name, which is transposed into numeric values based upon the ancient Hebrew alphabet.  These values are mapped out around the Star of David and illustrate the difficulties, talents and goals playing out in your life. As most only seek help during times of difficulty, it could be said that having a Soul Plan reading is rather like looking back at your original blueprint to see what the journey of your lifetime is actually about.  Its a foundational system that holds the potential for you to review the path to your future, make a few changes, and do things a little differently.  

Soul Plan is also useful for looking at relationship issues, whether personal or business, such as investigating the relationship of a business or project name in relation to the energy of the individual who owns it.

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There are two types of reading - the short 30 minutes reading, where your chart and brief description of the points will be emailed to you following the session.  This is priced at £40.

The second is a deluxe reading of 1 hour, where your printed chart and information will be posted out to you following the reading. Its a professionally presented pack that is designed for you to refer back to at times where you are having difficulty and need a reminder of where to look for the 'a-ha' pointers you'd forgotten about. This is priced at £90. 

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Here's what people are saying about their session with Angela: 

"I have to say all the information is spot on, both my past and present!  More so than any astrology or enneagram or numerology, ever.  Human Design pulled different things out, things that I didn't know about myself .... but this?  Totally, amazingly spot on!"   (Soul Plan)

Gitte, Italy 

"Angela has a wonderful, bright, open and warm personality.  Right from the start, she conveyed confidence that she really knows what she is doing - which she does!  The session was very comprehensive and thorough and left me feeling inspired. It has opened me up to trusting in myself and in my potential.  She helped me to see things about myself and possibilities for my futeas and plans for laying down some basic foundations to start taking the steps I need to make my future truly come alive and work positively for me.  I can't recommend Angela highly enough ~ thank you."  ure that I was completely unaware of.  I am left with a whole raft of id                                   Lizzie, Daventry

"Angela is spot-on with her channelled coaching.  She brought to crystal clarity some things that were happening in my life and gave me excellent advice that was uniquely suited to who I am.  I can highly recommend Angela."        Gitte, Iceland 

"Angela is very sensitive and has good intuition.  She helped me to get more clarity about myself and my life, and gave me specific instructions how I can change my life for the better.  I was very happy after the session and would recommend her anytime."                                                         Ásgerður, Iceland

"Angela has a gift - she can tell you who you are with matter-of-fact accuracy.  Even better, she tells you who you might be with such good-will, you feel inspired to become your better self."                                           Candi, Stafford 

"Angela's work is amazing! I felt a profound shift take place as the session progressed.  Her insights are delivered with warmth and clarity and get right to the root of the issue.  I would recommend Angela without hesitation.  Thank you so much!"                                                                                          Julie, London

"I have had the most amazing session of channelled coaching performed by Angela. I didn't know what to expect and I did not even think using the medium of SKYPE would conduct and have such a profound effect.

I immediately felt relief that I had not gained in one year of talking therapy and CBT. My emotional reactions to people, events and activities are now not so hypersensitive, I am dealing with things much better and have quick fix strategies that stop me going to the bad place.

I feel more optimistic than I have for a year and feel I have been given the key to unlock the door to the tools I need to change my life.

Every day I am getting a bit more adventurous and not just returning to do the things that I love, but also to think about trying new things.

Thank you Angela. You are a life changer! "                          Annette-Marie, London


"I have worked with Angela previously for remedial massage and have found her to be incredibly intuitive and interested in treating the whole person.

I recently attended a Skype session of channelled coaching. I wasn't sure what to expect and whether it would be relevant for me but I was feeling stuck and wanted to try something different to move past my blocks.

Things came up in the session that have enabled me to take a new approach and I am now feeling more positive about my new direction and the future in general."                               

                                                                                                D, Bristol 


After the briefest of exchanges on social media - "Hello Ange" - she had 'tuned in' and stunned me with the incisive comment "You're at a Crossroads in your life"!

Indeed I was.  For some time I had been feeling unsettled without knowing which way I wanted to play the next phase of my life. I had various avenues that I could go down but couldn't make up my mind which one to take and in what manner.

Angela pointed out that I was thinking too much, rather than going with my intuition.  She really was spot on and gave me the confidence to go with what I feel, rather than be logical and analytical.

I've trusted her words and gone with the flow. Her advice has lifted a burden of negative thoughts and, although it has only been a few short weeks since we last spoke , already I can see where I am heading and how to go about it.

I heartily recommend Angela to anyone who has an open mind and particularly those of us who have a tendency to allow the stress's and strains of modern day life to cloud our judgment. She has certainly helped to put me back on the right track."                         Alan T Bentley, Leek